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By traders. For traders.

We're traders and we get it. Despite its sophistication and potential as an asset class, trading digital assets and cryptocurrencies is a slow and archaic experience.

The global bottleneck is an immature digital asset system. We're here to solve that.

The cost and speed to move cash and stable coins is not guaranteed and subject to disruptions and risk premiums. Meanwhile, fragmented trading capital means less buying power everywhere and operational hassles to maintain buying power allocations across exchanges.

The digital asset market has no prime brokers, credit facilities, repurchase agreements or ISDAs and custodial and related facilities and processes are immature. Exchange-bank relationships can be unstable and untrustworthy and "stablecoins" are an insufficient solution.

Our vision is to institutionalize the process of trading digital assets at scale. Our mission is to create the right kind of network globaly to enable secure, fast and efficient access to capital.

The result: we're the modern alternative to prime brokerage that lets you trade digital assets globally at scale, quickly and cost-effectively just like any other asset class.