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Our team

With well over a century of experience, our team has a passion for smart design and execution.

  • Jeff Bone
    Principal, Head of Product
    Jeff Bone previously built and ran the foreign exchange and fixed income desks at RGM Advisors, a global proprietary trading firm. As a serial entrepreneur his prior companies have been acquired by General Magic, IBM and CMGI. Jeff is an experienced investor who has been actively involved with cryptocurrencies since 2010; his notable seed stage investments include Coinbase.
  • Kyle Gonzales
    Principal, Head of Sales and Business Development
    Kyle was a senior director at Red Hat, a multinational enterprise open-source software company. During his 18+ year career at Red Hat, he built and led technical architecture and business development teams working with global financial services and telecommunications companies such at AT&T, Deutsche Telecom, Bank of America and Citibank. Kyle is also an active advisor, board member and investor to several early stage technology companies including APIMatic and Forestry.
  • Marvin Yee
    Principal, Head of Legal and Compliance
    Marvin Yee is an investment banker and investor in various financial services companies. Earlier in his career, he was a successful technology entrepreneur with successful exits in companies the Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific stock exchanges. This continues to be an area of interest for him. Mr. Yee’s business interests span the Asia Pacific, Europe and most recently in the United States. He has a background in law, accounting and finance. His area of focus is in leveraged and management buyouts, optimized structured finance and hybrid financial transactions.
  • Brett Funderburg
    Principal, Head of Client Services
    Brett was previously Principal and Managing Director at RGM Advisors, a global proprietary trading firm, where he built and ran their global listed derivatives desk and headed up all non-regulated trading and operations worldwide. He recently served as the acting CEO at Stash, a financial technology company, and a founder of several technology companies including Clickfeed and StoredIQ.
  • Paul Jimenez
    Principal, Engineer
    Paul has spent the past 25 years as the technical go-to guy at startups ranging from ISPs to HFT to IoT. He has built national networks, Android apps, high frequency trading compute clusters, and embedded firmware. He was a founder at several distributed technology companies including GrupoArc and Pangalactic Dataworks.
  • Jay Carlson
    Principal, Engineer
    Jay is Managing Partner at No Operation Partners, a software engineering company. Previously, he was a senior engineer for over twenty years at The MITRE Corporation, a billion dollar not-for-profit company that manages federally funded research and development for the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, the Internal Revenue Service and other government agencies.