SINGAPORE, May 1, 2019 - NextPrime emerged from stealth mode today and announced the launch of its prime-brokerage services platform for institutional crypto traders. The first service on offering is a fiat-currency custody solution that allocates buying power across multiple exchanges from a single pool of trading capital. Funds are held in fully-regulated, third-party custody accounts and cash settled multuple times daily.

“We have a unique approach to capital efficiency for institutional traders of crypto-assets that avoids the hassle, cost and risk of frequently rebalancing cash across multiple exchanges. Our business process is much simpler than the traditional ISDA model and we have a simple technical interface for integration that eliminates complexity for our customers,” said Managing Partner, Jeff Bone.

The company was founded in 2018 by Jeff Bone, the former head of Foreign Exchange and Fixed Income at high-frequency trading firm, RGM Advisors and recently added Brett Funderburg, another former RGM executive, as Managing Director.

About NextPrime

NextPrime is a financial technology and services firm committed to solving challenges faced by buy-side, institutional traders and exchanges in the emerging digital asset class. Its flagship prime-brokerage services platform enhances digital asset price discovery by providing greater capital efficiency to institutional and buy-side firms. Headquartered in Singapore and serving clients globally, NextPrime is led by a veteran team with extensive experience in capital markets and technology. Visit


For NextPrime:
Kyle Gonzales
Partner, Head of Operations